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“Bird’s-Eye Re-view Business Services, you are a privilege to work with. As a new company starting out we needed a significant amount of learning about business practices . . . your professionalism and understanding was greatly impressive to us . . . your dedication to us is evident . . . I willingly recommend you.”    Brian



We have a 14-year history of helping many types of entrepreneurs with their business money. Whether you need bookkeeping and accounting services, tax services or money management and business advisory services – we have the professional team that can help you with all of this.



Full Cycle Bookkeeping / Accounting ServicesYour business needs a proper set of books for purposes of tax compliance filings and for use in the operational side of your business. We tailor a package that is designed around your specific needs and the volume of transactions that you have to ensure your business is compliant with Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Don’t ignore this crucial aspect of your business structure . . . CLICK HERE



Business Support Services –  are you new to business and need some direction in getting started with understanding the money-side of becoming an entrepreneur?  If that describes you, then you will want to participate in our Business Support Services.  This consulting is designed to get you poised on the right path and to become acquainted with the requirements of your business.  Ask your specific questions and receive answers – CLICK HERE for more information.



Tax Preparation Services To ensure that you only pay the taxes that you are required to is central to a proper financial structure for your business. To be in compliance with Canadian tax laws, filing all your taxes in a timely and accurate fashion is of the utmost importance. Alleviate your worries with a proven, tax flow that is sure to give you peace-of-mind – CLICK HERE



Business Advisory Services – at some point, your business will require other more advanced related services, that may include:


→ Legal referral and liaison services

→ Review of your business finances

→ Advanced personal tax planning / strategies

→ Combined personal and business tax planning

→ Money planning guidance

→ Your specific requested business advisory assistance


These services are especially useful to protect your corporate assets, undertake a corporate reorganization, a review of your company contracts or engage in relevant and meaningful tax planning that will ultimately minimize your corporate and personal taxes – just to name a few.

If you have a question or are interested in any of these services, please contact us via:

or Phone:  780.901.9494

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BUSINESS TRAINING FOR ENTREPRENEURS: There are a variety of business skills that successful entrepreneurs possess.  Among them are related to the offerings presented below.  Often times these skills are useful to understanding the fundamentals of business and will carry any entrepreneur through the challenges that are presented throughout the time of their business . . . DISCOVER MORE