Bird’s-Eye Accounting is a fully service accounting & bookkeeping, tax planning & preparation, business advisory firm.  We have over 14 years of experience in working with all types of corporations and small businesses, including real estate entrepreneurs. We have assisted many people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams through our business guidance.

We recognize the challenges that many entrepreneurs face with their real estate and small business enterprises, particularly having their business money in order. We are well versed in knowing how entrepreneurs have many demands on their time, energy and focus and that dealing with their business money is often not a top level priority. We endeavour to educate and enlighten clients about the importance of proper business practices. We also act as a bridge between dealing with tax authorities and other interested/related stakeholders.  The variety of liaison services often involve other allied accounting, finance and industry professionals to ensure that all possible accounting, tax and business planning requirements and strategies are being met.

We have helped clients to properly understand how to work with and think about their money and to learn how to enjoy working with it. Through this appreciation, they enjoy the benefits and lifestyle of the entrepreneurial path.

Our technical expertise draws from a background in accounting, finance, taxation and all forms of entrepreneurship that has been augmented with real-world applications.

We have been involved with and have taught business skills, bookkeeping and accounting principles to college level students, entrepreneurs and employees who work in private firms. We have also authored and presented a number of business training programs that are specifically focused on the entrepreneurial path, along side of contributing articles and commentary to various business sources.

“We look forward to helping those who seek to attain true money understanding in their business endeavours.”