Mindset & Personal Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

It Takes Numerous Qualities to be a Successful Entrepreneur


There are certain attributes, personal qualities and mindsets inside many successful entrepreneurs.  Therefore, your mindset and personal qualities have much to do with your success.


While there is no real “list” of these attributes that will guarantee success, the following certainly have held true over time as mindset and qualities that help to enhance and encourage success.


How many do you possess?




You need to desire to be an entrepreneur.  Often this is called “passion”, something that you just have to do, no matter what you have to do or sacrifice.


Physical and mental energy


Being an entrepreneur can be physically demanding as the long hours required to invest to make the business a success can be overwhelming. This takes a toll on not only the physical body but the mental capacity too. Having above average energy and strength is essential to being a successful entrepreneur.


The calls on your time and the sacrifices you make, can all affect your physical and mental well-being. Keeping these in check are central to not only your starting a business but becoming an entrepreneur into the long term.





Do you truly believe that you can succeed? You must have the internal ability to believe that you can succeed.  This self-confidence is inside you and it is shown fully to the outside world. That is not to say arrogance! But rather a solution finding, moving forward focus that people can experience that will make them want to deal with you!




Do you trust yourself and your reactions to the situations that will arise? You must be able to deal with difficulties effectively and trust yourself not to become overwrought or “breakdown”.  Trust in your ability to sort out what needs to be done when things go wrong and when you experience set-backs and/or failures.




Can you see into the future? Can you see opportunities where others can’t? That is where the intuitive and successful nature of entrepreneurs can yield great results. Entrepreneurs can see things in a different way and use that intuition to provide them with ideas, strategies and solutions.



The ability to stay on course and deal with what comes takes courage and is an essential quality of the entrepreneur.  You can’t succeed without have the wear-with-all to keep working and moving forward to achieve your dreams, despite the setbacks and eventual obstacles.




When things go wrong you need to have the resilience to move forward and keep going.  Especially things that were not under your control (such as people that didn’t treat you very well) and circumstances (the external economy) that you can’t do anything about on an individual level.




Being emotional and an entrepreneur – do not go together! See things in their proper light without undue sentiment or feelings that have no place in business.  The worst thing thing you can do, is to let your competition and others get the better of you.  Make a true effort to see things as they really are and make judgments based on them.  Don’t let yourself become distracted with the emotional whims and dramatic behaviour of others.




It takes a great deal of work to make your entrepreneurial dreams become a reality.   It takes a fair measure of discipline – the ability to keep working even when you are tired, discouraged and have worked so many hours that you believe you can’t work anymore!  To stay on course and to get things accomplished, the successful entrepreneur is disciplined beyond what the regular person can be.




The old adage “nice guys(gals) finish last” is true sometimes.  However, honesty must always prevail.  Overall it’s those whom are honest and have integrity that are successful and remain so.



This is by no means a comprehensive list.  It does show some of the characteristics that are helpful towards the mindset and personal qualities of successful entrepreneurs.



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