Myths About Starting a Business

Although many people believe that it is easier to start a small online business this is not really the case!

Starting a business, whether bricks-and-mortar, online or a blend of both there are some things that you must always keep in mind.

First, it is important for you to develop a simple plan and then work the plan. Also remember that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and it is especially important that you realize there are no magic formulas to success. Always keep in mind that business choices are complex and not all of them are equal.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and to be aware of:

• There is no such thing as just “one thing” that will make your business a success. But, rather it is accumulation of a number of key activities and a mindset that will help you to become a sustainable entrepreneur and enjoy the benefits.

• Although you think of yourself as a teacher, baker, designer, writer, professional, problem solver, etc. first and as a business person second – you should really think of them as one in the same. They are truly inseparable if you plan to realize your highest success that is possible.

• The need for ongoing support is crucial. Don’t think of your business as taking courses and training and then working alone. More often than not, you will need ongoing help to guide you through the difficult terrain of business and to give you the moral support that you will need.

• Don’t get caught up in the mass confusion that often accompanies a new business venture. Think of everything as a needed learning experience that will help you to learn and grow along with your business. As it is impossible to foresee everything (good and bad) that can happen – try to keep an open mind and not allow obstacles to take you off course.

• Remember that you “learn by doing” with certain business matters. Cultivate a mindset that is loyal to that learning process.

• Sometimes trying something new is the best strategy if things are not progressing as should be – don’t become complacent.

• Be patient! Becoming a success in business takes time and determination, but don’t try to rush things. Some things will come a bit easier, while others will need more time and cultivation.

You need to know that you will make mistakes, there will be obstacles but on the upside – you can find out about yourself, your capabilities and challenge yourself to be the best you can be. You can learn from your mistakes if you act on what you know and learn and implement and have the tenacity to not give up!

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