You will find that our offerings are designed to inspire and allow the sensitive and intuitive nature of learning about money to occur with structure and usefulness together with grace and fulfillment. The full scale of money understanding and appreciation flourishes when creative entrepreneurs like you, are given the chance to better understand your business money and how it impacts your overall creative and meaningful pursuits.


We pride ourselves in providing quality, accountable and timely services that are designed to suit busy creative entrepreneurs that are looking for streamlined options for their business services. This is achieved through a focus on quick-as-possible turnaround times, communicating with you in a timely manner and our newer offerings of being mobile and technology forward to provide our services as efficiently as possible for you.




Accounting & Business Services


Take advantage of our customized full accounting services so you can better use your valuable creative time & energy with:


→ Your involvement being as little as possible, so you may concentrate on making your business a success.

→ The assurance that you have support for you and your business.

→ Having all of your full cycle bookkeeping taken care of on a regular and consistent basis

→ No worrying about late fees and penalties from Canada Revenue Agency

→ Feeling rest assured that everything is being taken care of

→ Allowing yourself to stop worrying about your business money and focus on creating your art and being profitable!


Business Tax Planning & Preparation


Corporate tax preparation and filing is one of the most challenging processes for any business as it involves knowledge of Canadian tax laws and filing requirements and likewise on the provincial level.


Proper and careful tax planning allows you to minimize the amount of tax that you pay and you must have qualified professionals to handle all aspects of the planning and filing of your corporate / business taxes.


I offer a unique service for designers whereby we file your taxes to be timely and in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency and applicable provincial laws. Our objective is to provide you with tax planning that is designed to minimize your taxes while ensuring that you file and remit on a timely basis in order to avoid costly late filing and interest fees.


Your Creative Money Guidance


Over the years, through working with creative individuals and artists, I have observed how many artists often overlook their existing money skills. It is interesting as it is just a case of bringing those instincts to the fore and cultivating them so they can be used in a meaningful and useful way. My background and experience speaks most closely to artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs – like you.


I also have found there tends to be an overemphasis on the hard, empirical “numbers” side of money handling (management) and a total neglect of the more intrinsic side of money that if used properly, is intended to inspire you to connect with and embrace the numbers aspect of your life and creative work through making them meaningful for you.


I can help you to establish and maintain the mindset and practical moving forward aspects of working with your creative business.


Consider engaging in a one-on-one, creative entrepreneur business money talk with me.


I encourage you to forward to me your name and email to: and tell me a little about what money challenges that you are having and what you would like help with. 


I will contact you within 1 business day and I will set-up a call to see how I can help you.




Please feel welcome and comfortable in the knowledge that:


  • You will experience gently guided but directed communication designed to help you to be relaxed and ready to explore your creative business money and money mindset challenges.


  • You are encouraged to come-to-terms with your present creative business money situation and you must commit to open participation.


  • You will be also be provided with practical and applicable “moving forward” mindsets and actions that will actually help you to better understand and work with your present creative business money situation.



Financial Review Services


Understanding your creative business relates in large part to how you are performing financially – relax and learn how:

A professional review of your balance sheet and income statement using our 6 Point Analysis System, that gives you insightful benchmarks about your business that will help you to better understand your company performance.


An easy-to-understand report about your business and the explanation about what you can improve upon and what is working in your business.


Additional Services


There are often other services that your creative business may need – including legal, advanced tax strategies and more . .

To that end, we also provide:


→ Legal referral and liaison services

→ Advanced personal tax planning / strategies

→ Combined personal and business tax planning

→ Money planning guidance

→ Your requested business advisory assistance


These services are especially useful to protect your corporate assets, undertake a corporate reorganization, a review of your company contracts or engage in relevant and meaningful tax planning that will ultimately minimize your corporate and personal taxes – just to name a few.


If you have a question or are interested in any of these services, please contact us via:

or Phone 780.901.9494

Be assured that you will hear from us within 1 business day.


We have been providing business services to creative entrepreneurs for over 12 years and we are proud of our record.




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