As an entrepreneur you may be in need of professional help for your business.

Consider our on-demand

business advisory service.

This customized service gives you the reassurance of having access to credible business advice when you need it.


Hourly Small Business Advisory Services

Your decision to start and maintain your own business enterprise is something that isn’t to be taken lightly – you have invested your time, energy, emotions and money into a venture that you want to be profitable and enjoyable . . . we want that for you also!

It isn’t always easy to make decisions in your business and sometimes seeking an experienced and professional opinion will help.

You will build confidence while working towards making informed decisions for your business.


Who We Serve & What We Offer

As a technology forward company, we use proven processes, that will make your business more efficient, cost effective and helps to make the best use of your time, energy and money. It all starts with having your business money in order and giving your business (and yourself) the opportunity to have your finances properly handled – right from the start. If you are already in business and don’t have this in place, then now is the time to get it all together.

Our Hourly Small Business Consultations are designed to place you on the right path, whatever stage you are in your business.

As a Small Business Owner, you may find you need help with:

→   questions related to your bookkeeping/accounting and the management of them

→   questions related to working with your Quickbooks software or a similar application

→   how to record or work with certain special transactions or circumstances in your bookkeeping

→   money-saving strategies and measures

→   budgeting and cost controls

→   revenue generating activities and models

→   analysis of your financial statements and making recommendations for improving them

→   money management

→   general business and tax-related questions that you need to become familiar with

→   Canada Revenue Agency records requirements and related questions

→   GST, payroll and other subjects as required by Canada Revenue Agency

→   a second opinion regarding a decision that you are wanting to make for your business

→   a checklist of items that we make you aware of that need to be dealt with from the start with your business

→   help with arriving at a decision for a specific circumstance with your business

→   we also offer advanced Tax & Business Advisory help

This Service Will Provide You the Benefits of:

→  Being on the right path to understanding your business and your role as an entrepreneur

→  Allowing yourself to cease worrying about what you don’t know and become a better business person

→  Feeling confident that you have covered the “money must-knows” about your business

→  Attaining peace-of-mind and personal assurance of having professional and confidential help.

→  Receiving helpful, cooperative and cheerful assistance to make you feel at ease with your business questions.

Unsure if you need help with your small business?

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