Here you will find offerings that are all related to getting your personal money where you want it  to be.


As a starter, we want you to:


forgive yourself about your money past, so that you may move forward . . .



fancy_penRe-Draw Your Personal Money Plan create a simple, new awareness with your personal money and become connected using sensitive but logical steps that will allow you to become more informed about some of the most important actions and mindsets that you can adapt to help you to start and  maintain a better perspective with your personal money.   CLICK HERE to EXPLORE



silhouetteCreate a Renewed Awareness with Your Personal Money become better enlightened about your intentions, goals and desires for your personal money and learn how to think of your money as something  that is part of you – nurture it and work with it so that it  becomes part of you – in this practical but firmly guidance program . . . DISCOVER HOW



piggy_bankPersonal Money Guidanceif your personal money guidance has become a burden to you and you wish to finally find some clear direction, we can provide help and gentle but firm guidance . . . SEE MORE