You build and sustain the world around us.

We help you to build and maintain a successful business.

Our Experience

We offer services to a variety of contractors who operate businesses as either corporations or sole proprietorships. They often have fewer than 5 persons working for them as sub-contractors or as employees. Their annual revenue ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 350,000.

We Have Worked with & Service:

All Traditional Trades
Drywall Services
Concrete Designers
Painting & Finishing Specialists
Flooring Specialists
Renovation Services
Tile and Stone Artisans
Welders & Custom Fitters
Specialty & Finishing Trades
Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Transportation Services

Your 3 Unique Needs:

  1. Mobile Services – we know that you are often on-site and you don’t have a designated office – no problem! We will meet with you at a convenient location while also communicating with you electronically and through phone calls.
  2. Expense Deductions – you have many expenses so we work with you to maximize your deductions in order to reduce your taxes.
  3. Maximize Revenue – for your company to be profitable, you need to ensure you are charging enough in order to cover your costs. We help you to determine what you should be billing your customers.

Other Related Services

Tax Services:

We have tax services that are sure to help with your business that include:

  • Tax preparation for both federal and provincial filings that will give you confidence they are being taken care of
  • Tax planning strategies in place for both your personal and business to minimize the taxes that you pay.

We have other services that will be helpful to your business, as the need arises:

Our Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting:

  • Payroll processing
  • Processing employee timesheets
  • Processing employee expenses
  • Calculation of monthly payroll remittances to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Monthly credit card reconciliations
  • Monthly invoicing and time billing of clients
  • Posting client payments and deposits
  • Processing and management of accounts payable
  • Processing and management of accounts receivable
  • Calculation of monthly or quarterly GST and remittance of amounts to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Monitoring accounts receivable for delinquent accounts
  • Bad debt management
  • Monthly corporate tax installment to Canada Revenue Agency (if applicable)
  • Creation and entry of journal entries
  • Processing of vendor payments
  • Posting and monitoring work in progress
  • Generating monthly financial statements of balance sheet and profit/loss statements
  • General Ledger maintenance
  • Preparation of year-end file to submit to tax preparers and tax planning professionals
  • Special circumstances

Business Consulting:

  • Monthly stay-on-track meetings to monitor company progress, remit payments to Canada Revenue Agency and discuss any company items
  • Establishing office procedures, bad debt collections or other related policies
  • Quickbooks & Sage software expertise
  • Review of budget procedures
  • Review of job costing
  • Review of financial statements
  • Fiscal year-end review and questions
  • Liaison with tax planning and preparation advisors for fiscal year-end and during personal tax time.

Talk to us about how these services will be a definite asset to your business and save you time and worry!

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