Our Remote Services are desired by entrepreneurs who want an expedient and efficient method of

having their company finances taken care of.


Quality Technical Skills + Ethical Approach = Reliable Results

What We Offer

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta and offer a remote service option through online and telephone communications.

1. Let’s discuss your service needs

Contact us so we may personally discuss your bookkeeping/accounting, tax, consulting and other business service needs.

We will present your options and create a streamlined service that is specific to you and your business requirements.

Note that we will also communicate with you via telephone and if you are located in the Greater Edmonton area, we like to have a short, informal face-to-face meeting so we may introduce ourselves.

Your business is unique so should be your service options!

Email: info@birdseyeaccounting{dot}ca    or  Phone:  780 901 9494

***  Note that all Remote work is performed in Edmonton, Alberta and is NOT outsourced to any 3rd party not affiliated with the company.

2. Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Registration


We can perform your online bookkeeping and accounting using Quickbooks Online or Sage Online Accounting. If you have existing records with any of these firms, you will simply give us access to your company files, so we may work on them remotely. If you don’t have bookkeeping records in place, then we will discuss with you the options that you have and help you to make a decision as to which online software would best suit you and your business.

We personally guide you through the registration and set-up process, to make sure that everything is clear and accessible to you and to us.

3. Forwarding Your Electronic Business Paperwork/Documents

Having your business bookkeeping organized, accurate and completed in a timely manner, involves your cooperation to provide the information that we need. 


Using the above-mentioned bookkeeping/accounting software online programs will allow you to upload your electronic business documents using their secure portal. That way, we can consistently stay current with your business transactions and recording that we need to perform.

You are responsible to upload your documents on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the frequency of your bookkeeping/accounting services along with any other items requested by us.

Talk with Us:

Please be assured that you will receive a response within 24 hours, during regular business hours.

If you have a question for us or have any other concern, please always know that you may access us through:

Email:    info{at}birdseyeaccounting{dot}ca

Phone:  780 901 9494

Monday – Friday:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Sat., Sun. & Holidays:  Closed

Please note that your use of our online remote services is subject to our legal terms and conditions .