Are you new to business and need some direction in getting started with understanding the money-side of becoming an entrepreneur? 


If that describes you, then you may wish to participate in our Business Support Services.



“Thank you for all your help in getting me through the rough terrain of business. I truly appreciate your poise and composure and I am greatly appreciative.”  Ransford



This consulting is designed to get you poised on the right path and to become acquainted with the requirements of your business.


The questions and support that we can help you with include, but are not limited to:


→   if you are performing your own bookkeeping/accounting work, questions related to this work

→   questions related to working with your Quickbooks software or a similar application

→   how to record or work with certain special transactions or circumstances

→   general business and tax-related questions that you need to become familiar with

→   answers to frequently asked, business start-up questions

→   the opportunity for you to ask whatever questions you like

→   a checklist of items that we make you aware of that need to be dealt with from the start with your business



Some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive from new entrepreneurs include:


⇒  understanding start-up costs and out-of-pocket expenses

⇒  what year-end is to be used

⇒  using cash to pay for business expenses

⇒  what taxes need to be reported to Canada Revenue Agency for GST, Payroll and Corporate Tax and when they need to be paid

⇒  what paperwork/documents are required to be kept and for how long

⇒  what is considered a good set of books

⇒  what business start-up costs are reimbursable

⇒  can home expenses be deducted in the business

⇒  how to deal with cell phone, internet and other charges that are used both for personal and business purposes

⇒  how a mileage log is to be kept

⇒  how to make a business audit-proof

⇒  the requirements of Canada Revenue Agency and the province  . . .


these are all but just a few of the more commonly asked questions.


Benefits to You:


→  Getting started on the right path to understanding your business and your role as an entrepreneur

→  Allowing yourself to cease worrying about what you don’t know – learn it and become a better business person from the start

→  Feeling confident that you have covered the “money must-knows” about starting your business

→  Having peace-of-mind and personal assurance of having professional and confidential help.

→  Receiving helpful, cooperative and cheerful assistance to make you feel comfortable and at ease with your business questions.




CLICK HERE to ask yourself some key questions.


We have worked with Bird’s-Eye for years and they have always steered our company in the right direction . . . we will continue to work with her for a variety of financial and other consultative business purposes . . . George



Note that we also have other advanced Business Advisory Services.


These services are especially useful to protect your corporate assets, undertake a corporate reorganization, a review of your company contracts or engage in relevant and meaningful tax planning that will ultimately minimize your corporate and personal taxes – just to name a few.  These advanced services allow you to feel that you will have help and professional guidance throughout the progress of your company.


Often your business will require other related services over time, that may include:


→ Legal referral and liaison services


→ Review of your business finances


→ Advanced personal tax planning / strategies


→ Combined personal and business tax planning


→ Money planning guidance


→ Your specific requested business advisory assistance




If you have a question or are interested in any of these services, please contact us via:

or Phone:  780.901.9494

Be assured that you will hear from us within 1 business day.


We are here to help you with a selection of offers to make working with your business money

easier, faster and more qualitative than you imagined.


BUSINESS TRAINING FOR ENTREPRENEURS: There are a variety of business skills that successful entrepreneurs possess.  Among them are related to the offerings presented below.  Often times these skills are useful to understanding the fundamentals of business and will carry any entrepreneur through the challenges that are presented throughout the time of their business . . . DISCOVER MORE