Don’t waste your valuable time & energy worrying about

your business bookkeeping . . .



Let us take care of it for you.



“Everything you did made me feel that everything was going to be alright . . . and in the end everything was. I am greatly appreciative of you and your business savvy. Thank you so much. I expect to rely on you for years to come.” Truly, Rose


We create a bookkeeping package that is specific to your business needs


We Provide:


  • Full cycle general accounting/bookkeeping work prepared from the start of your business and maintained on a regular basis from initial entry to all reconciliations.
  • Bookkeeping/general accounting work is compliant with GAAP and with the requirements of Canada Revenue Agency
  • Your government remittances are filed on time and that you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you and your company.
  • A sincere “working with you” attitude to make everything run smoothly and to negate any worries you may have about your business money.
  • Liaison in dealing with Canada Revenue Agency and Alberta Finance
  • Determining your payroll withholdings/remittances to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Determining your GST requirements/remittances to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Dealing with transactions that are not part of your regular monthly invoices and bills – these will come up and need to be dealt with . . .


Benefits to You:


  • Your involvement being as little as possible, so you may concentrate on making your business a success.
  • The assurance that you have support for you and your business.
  • Having all of your full cycle bookkeeping taken care of on a regular and consistent basis
  • No worrying about late fees and penalties from Canada Revenue Agency
  • Ongoing personal assurance of having business help
  • Feeling rest assured that everything is being taken care of
  • Allowing yourself to stop worrying about your business money and focus on making your business profitable!


Note that our services are a 100% deductible business expense.


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