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Corporate Tax Services


Proper and careful tax planning allows you to minimize the amount of tax that you pay and you must have qualified professionals to handle all aspects of the planning and filing of your corporate / business taxes.


We offer a unique Tax Preparation Liaison Service whereby we work with our qualified tax specialists to ensure your corporate / business taxes are prepared correctly and on a timely basis in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency and applicable provincial laws.


Our objective is to provide you with tax planning that is designed to minimize your taxes while ensuring that you file and remit on a timely basis in order to avoid costly late filing and interest fees.   We take the arduous task of making sure your year-end is prepared correctly and in a timely basis in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency and provincial laws.


Also, when you are ready for more advanced tax planning for your business or even between your personal and business affairs, we have professionals that can help you with that too!  Further, if you have multiple companies, challenging tax situations or the need for advanced tax planning for both your business and personal tax situation – we will also refer you to specific tax specialists to help you with your tax requirements.



Business Advisory Services


These services are especially useful to protect your corporate assets, undertake a corporate reorganization, a review of your company contracts or engage in relevant and meaningful tax planning that will ultimately minimize your corporate and personal taxes – just to name a few. These advanced services allow you to feel that you will have help and professional guidance throughout the progress of your company.


Often your business will require other related services over time, that may include:


→ Legal referral and liaison services


→ Review of your business finances


→ Advanced personal tax planning / strategies


→ Combined personal and business tax planning


→ Money planning guidance


→ Your specific requested business advisory assistance


Note that our services are a 100% deductible business expense.



If you have a question or are interested in any of these services, please contact us via:

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Be assured that you will hear from us within 1 business day.