There are a variety of business skills that successful entrepreneurs possess.  Among them are related to the offerings presented below.  Often times these skills are useful to understanding the fundamentals of business and will carry any entrepreneur through the challenges that are presented throughout the time of their business.


Whether you are a design professional, creative entrepreneur or other type of entrepreneur, you will find the better and more savvy that your business skills are, the more confident you will feel in your business.  Even if you are comfortable with your business skills or you are completely new to business, all of these skills are important to have a familiarity with and will guide you along your path as an entrepreneur.


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clock_with_gears_roman_numeralsYour Timeas one of the most valuable resources that you possess, your time is something that you cannot create more of and you only have 24 hours in one day!  This problem is compounded if you wish to start a business and your time seems so limited.  Learn how to approach your time differently through coming-to-terms with how and where you are spending it and solutions to making your time better.  CLICK HERE



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Quickbooks 101 + More Need to learn how to set-up your Quickbooks bookkeeping software for your business?  Are you struggling with getting Quickbooks to work properly?  You have come to the right place.  This online Quickbooks Course has been developed specifically for the new Quickbooks user. . . FIND OUT MORE . . .




accountsBookkeeping 101 Learn the fundamentals of the bookkeeping process.

Here we will give you background information about the key concepts of bookkeeping and accounting, so that you may feel comfortable with topic that is a very important part of your business, particularly if you are new to business and need a good understanding of this topic in practical and usable terms . . . SEE HOW



files_in_folder_BWCreating a Preliminary Budget Plan Budgeting is one of those “must-do” activities that most entrepreneurs either try to avoid or take on with enthusiasm! Any entrepreneur that wishes to avoid problems and gain financial confidence, it is essential to learn how to create a Preliminary Budget Plan. In the past, budgeting used to be an optional activity – this is no longer the case. Only those entrepreneurs that truly take the “number aspect” of their business seriously will be able to stay in business. You, as an aspiring entrepreneur need to have this valuable skill that may be used from start-up and throughout life of your business.  CLICK HERE


pen_nib_with_reflectionCreating a Preliminary Business PlanBusiness plans can be one of the most complex documents that entrepreneurs can create. In fact many entrepreneurs (both new and established) often ignore their business plan because they are not sure why they need it and why it seems so difficult. But it DOESN’T have to be this way! Our solution? Is the Preliminary Business Plan that will help you to create a business plan with ease and simplicity. Are you thinking “Do I Really Need a Business Plan?” Find out why having one would help your business.  CLICK HERE

Here you will find offerings that are all related to getting your personal money where you want it to be.


As a starter, we want you to:


forgive yourself about your money past, so that you may move forward . . .



fancy_penRe-Draw Your Personal Money Plan create a simple, new awareness with your personal money and become connected using sensitive but logical steps that will allow you to become more informed about some of the most important actions and mindsets that you can adapt to help you to start and maintain a better perspective with your personal money. CLICK HERE to EXPLORE



silhouetteCreate a Renewed Awareness with Your Personal Money become better enlightened about your intentions, goals and desires for your personal money and learn how to think of your money as something that is part of you – nurture it and work with it so that it becomes part of you – in this practical but firmly guidance program . . . DISCOVER HOW