Coming-to-terms with handling your creative business money only flourishes when you give yourself permission to connect with both its practical and intrinsic benefits . . . make it an instrument for you to use and enjoy . . . to free your creative self


As a creative-artistic being, you know that your “story” of offerings often needs to be viewed in its entirety to be fully understood – the more you submit yourself to, the greater appreciation you will gain in a deeper more meaningful connection.



Creative Entrepreneurs Business Money Enlightenment – Getting Startedunderstanding your business money is important and as you start familiarizing yourself with it, the opportunity for what is possible occurs when you focus on your business money and relate to how it affects your decision-making. This will help to inspire you into being better connected and to hone confidence in dealing with your creative business money. DISCOVER HOW . . .




Creative Entrepreneurs Business Money Enlightenment as a creatively-inspired entrepreneur you may wish to possess business money savvy that will practically help you to better understand your business. Learn how to connect with it so you may progress from skeptical and apprehensive to confident, happy and knowledgeable when working with your business money through only learning the “must-knows” – SEE MORE . . .





Your Creative Money GuidanceOver the years, through working with creative individuals and artists, I have observed how many artists often overlook their existing money skills. It is interesting as it is just a case of bringing those instincts to the fore and cultivating them so they can be used in a meaningful and useful way. My background and experience speaks most closely to artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs – like you.


I also have found there tends to be an overemphasis on the hard, empirical “numbers” side of money handling (management) and a total neglect of the more intrinsic side of money that if used properly, is intended to inspire you to connect with and embrace the numbers aspect of your life and creative work through making them meaningful for you.


I can help you to establish and maintain the mindset and practical moving forward aspects of working with your creative business.



Consider engaging in a one-on-one, creative entrepreneur business money talk with me.


I encourage you to forward to me your name and email to: and tell me a little about what money challenges that you are having and what you would like help with. 


I will contact you within 1 business day and I will set-up a call to see how I can help you.


 Please feel welcome and comfortable in the knowledge that:


→  You will experience gently guided but directed communication designed to help you to be relaxed and ready to explore your creative business money and money mindset challenges.

→  You are encouraged to come-to-terms with your present creative business money situation and you must commit to open participation.

→  You will be also be provided with practical and applicable “moving forward” mindsets and actions that will actually help you to better understand and work with your present creative business money situation.