Congratulations on your decision to start your own business .  . .

The decision to start and have your own business enterprise is something that isn’t to be taken lightly – you have invested your time, energy, emotions and money into a venture that you want to be profitable and enjoyable . . . we want that for you also!

Who We Serve & What We Offer


As a technology forward company, we use proven processes, that will make your business more efficient, cost effective and helps to make the best use of your time, energy and money. It all starts with having your business money in order and giving your business (and yourself) the opportunity to have your finances properly handled – right from the start. If you are already in business and don’t have this in place, then now is the time to get it all together.

Review what we can offer you and your business to save you time and money to free up your energy and help you to focus on building your business and making it all that it can be:

Business Start-Up Consultation

Are you new to business and need some direction in getting started with understanding the money-side of becoming an entrepreneur? If that describes you, then you will want to participate in our Business Start-Up Consultation. Designed to get you poised on the right path and to become acquainted with the requirements of your business – you can start here.

Some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from new entrepreneurs include:

⇒ understanding start-up costs and out-of-pocket expenses

⇒ what year-end is to be used

⇒ using cash to pay for business expenses

⇒ what and when taxes need to be reported and paid to Canada Revenue Agency

⇒ what paperwork/documents are required to be kept and for how long

⇒ what is considered a good set of books

⇒ what business start-up costs are reimbursable

⇒ can home expenses be deducted in the business

⇒ how to deal with cell phone, internet and other charges that are used both for personal and business purposes

⇒ how a mileage log is to be kept

⇒ how to make a business audit-proof

⇒ the requirements of Canada Revenue Agency and the province . . .

these are all but just a few of the more commonly asked questions.

We Provide You with:

  • Answers to frequently asked, business start-up questions
  • The opportunity for you to ask whatever questions you like
  • A checklist of items that we make you aware of that need to be dealt with from the start with your business

Benefits to You:

  • Get started on the right path with understanding your business and your role as an entrepreneur
  • Allowing yourself to cease worrying about what you don’t know – learn it and become a better business person from the start
  • Feel confident that you have covered the “money must-knows” about starting your business
  • Peace-of-mind and personal assurance of having professional and confidential help.
  • Note that our services are a 100% deductible business expense.
  • Receive the benefit of helpful, cooperative and pleasant help to make you feel comfortable and at ease with your business questions.

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